Homeowners Policies and Flood Coverage – Understanding What’s Protected

Homeowners Policies and Flood Coverage – Understanding What’s Protected

Whenever hurricanes threaten the coasts, homeowners begin to scour their insurance policies to see if they have coverage for water damage. While many believe their homeowner’s insurance will cover flood damage, this is an erroneous assumption. Homeowners need to invest in a separate policy to cover flood and water damage. While many homeowners associate flood… Read More »

What Every Business Needs to Know about Cybersecurity Insurance

In the aftermath of the Equifax data breach (see our earlier post here), many businesses are scrambling to find out more about their cybersecurity insurance. Do they have enough coverage? What happens in the event of a breach? Investing in appropriate coverage is smart, but it can only mitigate some of the financial risk associated with… Read More »

Safety Best Practices: Securing Your Construction Site

Construction sites are inherently more hazardous than traditional workspaces. Because of these dangers, construction workers must abide by several safety regulations. These regulations help keep construction sites operational and secure. Below are several tips to help construction companies adhere to these regulations as well as promote a safety-driven job site. Fall Protection The Occupational Safety… Read More »

Safe Driving Tips to Prevent Accidents

The rise of technology revolutionized the auto industry. Cars are now safer than ever. However, there are still a staggering number of car accidents each year, the majority of which are due to driver error. The best way to avoid an accident is to employ safe driving behaviors. Below are several safe driving tips to… Read More »

Equifax’s Cyber Insurance Not Enough to Contend with the Breach

As news broke of one of the biggest information hacks in history, Equifax became the new face of insufficient cyber security. The breach now serves as a cautionary tale for businesses everywhere. Most cyber attacks focus on small businesses, as they are often easier to hack into due to deficient cyber security. Larger businesses are… Read More »

Hiring Law & Ethics and Employment Practices Liability

Finding and hiring talented employees is a difficult enough task by itself. Reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and determining which individual is the best fit takes time, and time equals money. However, recruiters and employers also need to consider the legal aspects of hiring if they want to avoid a discrimination lawsuit. Employers need to take… Read More »

Are You Managing Your Construction Risk?

Every construction project poses unique challenges and risks. Managing these risks is vital for a construction company to survive and thrive. Hoping a risk does not become a reality or outright ignoring it is a recipe for financial disaster. However, businesses cannot begin to manage their risks without knowing the possible sources as well as… Read More »

Tips to Keep Motorcycle Insurance Costs Low

Motorcycle insurance is an absolute must, but many motorcycle enthusiasts balk at the expense associated with adequate coverage. Underinsuring a motorcycle is a risky gamble as well since the owner may end up paying out of pocket for larger claims. However, there are steps motorcyclists can take to secure a more competitive insurance premium. Top… Read More »

Three Types of Insurance Business Owners May Not Know They Need

Starting a new business is an exciting prospect, but it also requires a lot of hard work. Entrepreneurs have to focus on several elements all at once such as their products, their customers, their insurance, and their bottom line. However, failing to invest in the right kind of business insurance can lead to financial ruin.… Read More »

Does Your Boat Need Insurance?

Insurance is not usually a gray area. Drivers know they need car insurance, homeowners know they need homeowners insurance, and renters know they need renters insurance. It seems like common sense that boat owners would need boat insurance; however, this is not always the case. Depending on several factors, an individual’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance… Read More »