What Subcontractors Need to Know About Builder’s Risk vs General Liability

What Subcontractors Need to Know About Builder’s Risk vs General Liability

General contractors often hire subcontractors to help them with work they cannot do but are ultimately responsible for completing. For example, a general contractor may hire a subcontractor to do the wiring and electrical or the plumbing for a home. Subcontractors need to know when certain events require them to use their own general liability… Read More »

Stopping Theft Before it Occurs on Your Construction Site

Theft is a growing problem for construction sites. From equipment to materials, construction businesses experience $1 billion in losses on a yearly basis. The issue extends beyond the physical loss of resources. Companies have to pay to rent or replace stolen equipment and tools, the associated costs with downtime while waiting for supplies, and a… Read More »

Managing Your Small Business Risk

Small businesses face a variety of risks. To protect yours, it’s crucial to identify the risks specific to your organization, then develop a strategy for managing them. Below are some common risks small businesses face as well as how to attenuate them. Cybersecurity A data breach is much more than a violation of your and… Read More »

Can Cybersecurity Protect Your Business Against Attacks?

In the early days of cybersecurity, IT professionals divided businesses into those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked. As technology improves and hackers hone their skills, this outlook has become bleaker. Now, IT security specialists view companies as those who know they have been hacked and those that do not. While… Read More »

Do Construction Companies Need Environmental Insurance?

Most construction companies know they need several types of insurance to protect their business, projects, workers, and more. There tends to be a heavy focus on general liability and workers’ compensation. However, there is a lesser-known risk that construction companies must consider: environmental damage. Failing to address this issue can land businesses in court over… Read More »

Top Risks Within the Hospitality Industry

The economic recession hit the hospitality industry just as it did other sectors, perhaps even more so. Many businesses did not want to invest funds in travel and individuals began reducing their vacations and leisure activities. However, as the economy recovered the amount of business and leisure travel increased as well. While an upsurge in… Read More »

Risk Management Strategies to Improve Operations and Control Costs

Risk exposure comes in many forms. The process of managing this risk begins with understanding which risks are most likely to jeopardize your business. Once the primary risks have been identified, it’s time to develop practices to combat them. Though it’s impossible to eliminate all potential risks, creating a risk management plan will help to… Read More »

Construction Insurance Tackles Water Problem

As American re-urbanization continues, city buildings must expand in size to accommodate the increasing population density. More people means more pressure on the city’s infrastructure, including sewer systems. But how does this affect construction businesses? Construction insurers are seeing a variety of water-based claims.  For example, claims regarding water running backward up pipes and damaging… Read More »

Lesser-Known Facts About Homeowner’s Insurance

As most already know, homeowner’s insurance provides financial protection should a natural disaster or other calamity damage your home. This includes coverage for other types of losses that occur on your property. However, many homeowners are unaware of the specific nuances, details, and coverages within such a policy. Below are some often-overlooked facts that all… Read More »

EPLI Protects Businesses from Employee Lawsuits

. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides protection for employers in the event that an employee files a claim regarding discrimination, failure to promote, harassment, and more. Large companies usually have ample coverage. However, small to mid-size businesses often lack a legal department or handbook specifying policies regarding hiring and terminating practices. Liability Risks Employers… Read More »