Controlling Your Risk as a Driver

shutterstock_108653897The technology industry has exploded over the last few decades, and with it have come many great safety innovations. Collision avoidance technologies are beginning to gain effectiveness rapidly. The most reliable to date has proven to be front crash prevention. These systems result in fewer crash-related insurance claims, and as such they’re helping to drive down premiums for their owners.

Front crash prevention systems that provide audible and imminent warnings tend to reduce claims by an average of about 7%. Systems that are also able to autonomously apply braking force can significantly improve these numbers with claim reductions averaging around 20%. These features are already needed to achieve top IIHS safety ratings, and will eventually become mandated by law in all vehicles.

Lane-departure warning systems can be effective in notifying drivers of drifting into other vehicles, but can also startle drivers into excessive course corrections. Blind-spot monitoring technology is one of the latest efforts in combating traditional causes of accidents. Watch for these and other collision avoidance systems to make further impacts on the industry in years to come. They’re evolving quickly, and could help you to save significant with your insurance provider. To learn more, contact us.