5 Easy Strategies to Prevent Construction Accidents

More often than not, accidents are preventable. By following simple safety protocols, construction workers and supervisors can avoid most accidents before they occur. The following are several tips constructions workers can use to improve job site safety.

  1. Practice good personal safety. Constructions workers should implement accident prevention into their everyday routine. For example, they should ensure their tools and equipment are clean and in good condition before using them. They should also put on any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) before starting construction work. Clothing matters as well. Anyone entering a construction site should wear the proper shoes (i.e. NO flip-flops) and avoid flowy or baggy clothes that a machine can snag.
  2. Follow instructions. Many individuals have the propensity to take shortcuts when they are familiar with a job. However, such behavior is a slippery slope toward bypassing instructions on all jobs to save time. No time saved is worth an injury.
  3. Do not horse around. There is a reason adults are constantly telling kids to stop being rowdy—they do not want them to get hurt. The same is true for adults. Trying to prank a coworker may seem funny, but it can have lethal consequences on a construction site if something goes wrong.
  4. Report risky behavior or conditions right away. Accident prevention is the responsibility of the individual and their coworkers. Taking personal safety precautions can protect one person; reporting hazardous working conditions or behaviors can protect several people. Individuals can achieve this with a simple friendly warning to the individual making unsafe choices, or that person can report it to someone with greater authority.
  5. Keep work areas clean. While trash and debris around the job site are eyesores, they are also hazards. Junk laying around can cause people to trip and fall. It can also act as an accelerant for fires. Keeping work areas tidy is not just good manners; it is good safety as well.

Accident prevention starts on a personal level, but there are several large-scale methods to reducing risk as well. The Reilly Company can help your construction business identify risks and develop a plan to address them. To learn more about how we can help you protect your investment, contact us today.