5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Cyber Scam Victim

Cybersecurity experts put a lot of emphasis on creating unique, strong passwords for sensitive accounts. However, keeping your business data safe goes far beyond distinctive passwords. Even when staff members deploy seemingly unbreakable passwords, they still fall victim to cyber crimes. That is why, in addition to using impenetrable passwords, employees need to take measures to avoid becoming a victim.

Many people fall for cyber scams because they lack basic cybersecurity knowledge. By arming themselves with the following information, individuals can thwart cyber criminals.

  1. Banks and financial institutions will never call businesses and ask for an account pin or password over the phone.
  2. Much like the above, these entities will never send an email asking for passwords or instructing individuals to reset their passwords. These are phishing scams designed to learn login information and break into accounts.
  3. Banks and companies never send employees to private residences to gather credit card or bank account information. They will also never direct account holders to relocate funds to a new account for fraud prevention.
  4. Just because a caller sounds legitimate over the phone does not mean they are. The caller may know intimate details about a company or executive, but many of these private details are available on several websites. Cybercriminals will take the time to learn as much as possible about a lucrative target. Remember, if the caller starts asking for sensitive account data, they are more than likely a scammer.
  5. A solid cybersecurity insurance policy can help companies recover from a successful breach. Even with solid passwords and cybercrime prevention, hackers sometimes gain access. If this happens, businesses will need quality coverage to recoup losses and restore their reputation.

No business is safe from cyber criminals. The Reilly Company understands the pervasive cyber threats facing businesses. With our expertise, we can help your company protect itself from breaches and cyber fraud. To learn more about cyber protection for your business, contact us today.