Construction Safety: Accident Prevention and Response

Preventing accidents on a construction site is preferable to managing them after they happen. Unfortunately, many companies fail to realize the extent of hazardous conditions present at a given site until after problems occur. An avoidable incident instead becomes a statistic. Some of the simplest ways to avoid accidents are reporting and acting on unsafe conditions. If a construction worker sees a colleague working in an unsafe manner, he or she should say something. The same holds true if a worker notices an unsafe working condition such as problems with scaffolding. Instead of ignoring workplace hazards, supervisors and workers should take steps to rectify safety issues, helping to mitigate risk and damages – even saving lives.

Learning From Mistakes

While accidents are unfortunate, they do provide a learning opportunity for the future. Investigating the incident can reveal new information to help avoid similar accidents. Investigations should not be a witch-hunt to pin blame on an individual, but a method of bolstering safety efforts going forward. If a construction worker witnesses an accident, they should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Where was I during the incident? Where were others that I could see?
  • Where was the injured individual at the time of the accident? What work were they doing?
  • What was I doing when the accident occurred?
  • Did any equipment contribute to the incident?

If everyone near the site of an accident committed their answers to these questions to memory, they could provide a more complete picture of what happened. Multiple detailed eyewitness accounts can provide more information than one or two. Various angles can reveal new information relevant to the indecent as well.

By providing accurate and factual information, workers can avoid similar accidents in the future. In the event of an accident, construction companies need to be prepared to adjust their safety procedures going forward as well as manage any resulting insurance claims. The Reilly Company can help construction businesses reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and balance their risk with the right construction insurance policy. To learn more, contact us today.