Effective Employee Wellness Program Ideas

Employee wellness programs are rapidly increasing in popularity. While traditional health care benefits will always reign supreme, employees appreciate when their employer makes an effort to improve their life. Employers also benefit from implementation of wellness programs as it can help keep employees healthy and fit for work. This means fewer sick days and less interruption in the workplace.

However, not all wellness programs are created equal. Programs should allow employees to make changes that improve their work environment to maintain healthy habits. Employers can use several methods to instill a culture of health and wellness. Below are some ideas to create a wellness program that produces measurable results.

  • Discount healthy food items sold at work. Healthy food choices tend to cost more than unhealthy ones. Employers may need to incentivize their employees to buy the healthier option. In addition to reducing the cost of health foods, providing them in the office removes another hurdle for employees. They no longer need to leave the workplace to obtain a healthy snack or meal.
  • Encourage caterers to provide healthy options. Many offices have cafeterias or call in catering companies to provide lunch during meetings. Employers can tell caterers and vendors to remove overtly unhealthy food choices as well as increase the variety of healthy options.
  • Healthy dining selections near the office. Many employees opt to eat out during the workweek. However, if they commute to the office, they may not be familiar with dining options near them. Employers can distribute a list of healthy restaurant options near the office with simple directions on how to get there.
  • Encourage exercise. Employers should make sure to provide bike racks for employees who are within biking distance to work. They can distribute pamphlets as well that highlight safe biking routes. Encouraging employees to take the stairs rather than the elevator is another way to incorporate physical activity into employees’ workday. Employers can go a step further and negotiate discounts for local health clubs.

Employee wellness and productivity go hand in hand. They are also attractive benefits for job candidates and existing employees. The Reilly Company knows this and works with clients to develop cost-effective, competitive benefits. To learn more about employee wellness programs, contact us.