EPLI Coverage as a Proactive Defense Against Pregnancy Discrimination

Finding talented employees is a difficult process. Employers must wade through numerous applications, conduct interviews, and determine which candidate is best for the job. Discrimination laws add an additional layer of complication to the hiring process. Many employers know they cannot refuse to hire someone based on their age, race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or religion. Even so, several businesses find themselves at the center of discrimination lawsuits due to pregnancy.

Recent Pregnancy Discrimination Court Cases

Peggy Young, a former UPS truck driver, filed a suit against UPS for failing to give her a less demanding shift after her doctor ordered her not to lift heavy objects. As a result, Young had to go on extended leave. During this time, she received no pay and lost her medical coverage. After going to the Supreme Court, Young won her case in 2015.

Another example of a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit from the same year is EEOC v. Brown & Brown Florida, Inc. Nicole Purcell applied for a position at the company, and, after several interviews, secured the job. When she informed the company she was pregnant and inquired about their maternity leave policy, Brown & Brown rescinded their offer of employment. Their explanation was they needed an employee long term. The EEOC filed a federal lawsuit on Purcell’s behalf. The company and Purcell reached an agreement to resolve their conflict, requiring Brown & Brown to pay her $100,000 in damages.

EPLI for Prevention and Protection

Taking preventative measures in the workplace is key to avoiding discrimination lawsuits. Conducting risk management assessments, training employees on legal hiring practices, and investing in Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) can help lessen the risk of litigation. If a lawsuit does occur, EPLI coverage helps finance legal defense and protects businesses from going bankrupt during the litigation process. To learn more about protecting your business with EPLI, contact The Reilly Company.