How to Handle Major and Minor Construction Accidents

Despite best efforts, accidents do happen on construction sites. However, when people think of construction accidents, their minds focus on the worst-case scenarios. The truth is accidents come in various forms and intensity. From minor cuts to fractured bones, proper treatment is vital to a positive outcome.

Managing Minor Injuries

Blisters, scratches, and splinters are all common, minor injuries construction workers can experience on job sites, and they deserve attention just as much as broken bones. While it is easy to overlook smaller injuries, they can fester and land workers in the hospital. Open wounds can become infected and infection can lead to sepsis.

Basic first aid can keep construction workers healthy, which includes not ignoring any injury. Ignoring head and stomach injuries, in particular, can be fatal. Workers may feel fine a few minutes after a blow to the head or stomach. However, these types of injuries can cause unseen bleeds that may prove fatal later. In the event of these types of injuries, it is best to have a doctor look over the injured worker.

Managing Major Injuries

Major injuries are usually obvious, such as heavy bleeding and broken bones. However, even if the person looks okay on the outside, if workers suspect a significant injury occurred, they should not try to move that individual. It is human nature to want to help someone in pain. Nevertheless, moving or helping an injured person to their feet can make the injury worse. However, workers can attend to bleeding wounds. Applying pressure with a clean cloth or handkerchief can help stem the flow of blood.

In the event of significant injuries, call and wait for medical professionals to arrive to handle moving the injured person. In fact, there are often people trained in first aid nearby. If no list of qualified personnel exists, ask if any fellow coworkers have first aid training. Even the simplest of first aid measures, provided by a qualified individual, can help reduce the severity of an injury.

Accident prevention and emergency preparedness are both vital to keeping construction sites safe. The Reilly Company understands the risks facing construction companies and their staff. With our expertise, we can help keep your construction workers safe. To learn more about construction safety, contact us today.