Homeowner’s Guide to Filing Claims

Having homeowners insurance is a necessary part of home ownership. However, having homeowners insurance and knowing how to use it are two very different things. Every policy is unique to the individual. It is best for homeowners to learn the facts and educate themselves on how to make the most of their coverage if they need it.

One of the most common sources of claims is water damage. This could be a leaking sink or a broken ice machine that seeps water into the floors causing damage. Below are guidelines for filing this type of claim as well as some tips for managing the resulting issues in the interim.

Prevention is Key

Maintenance is a big part of homeownership. If a homeowner notices a leak or dripping plumbing, they cannot afford to ignore it. Leaky faucets and toilets are often simple to fix if the homeowner addresses the issue right away. Failing to do so can cause mold and widespread damage. Making sure the roof is in good shape is another great way to prevent water damage before it can start.

Take Swift Action

Homeowners should contact their insurance company immediately after they notice any water damage. Not only will this help resolve the issue faster, it can prevent the problem from compounding. Homeowners should avoid hiring someone to make significant repairs before talking with an insurance agent. Many insurance companies have a local network of trusted contractors or guidelines homeowners can use to find a suitable service provider.

Owning a home is a major life goal for many individuals. It is important to protect such a valuable investment with the proper coverage. The Reilly Company can help individuals understand the nuances of their policy and decide how much coverage is best for them. To learn more, contact us.