Limitations of Construction Liability Insurance

Limitations of Construction Liability Insurance

When hiring a construction crew to renovate homes, it is critical to have the proper insurance coverage. For instance, liability insurance policies do not provide coverage for injuries or property damage caused by altering structures, new building construction, or demolition. If an individual wants coverage for these kinds of risks, they need a construction insurance… Read More »

How to Improve Your Hiring Practices in 4 Steps

The best strategy for achieving company goals is to hire the right people. While this may seem like a simple concept, many managers take a very lax approach to interviewing job candidates. When management puts an emphasis on the hiring process, they get superior candidates. The attitude an interviewer adopts is often what sets exceptional… Read More »

5 Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Cyber Attacks

Small business owners take a relatively relaxed approach when considering their cybersecurity. However, this laid-back method of preventing cyber attacks can put them in a difficult situation. When asked about their cybersecurity efforts, most small businesses reported being unconcerned about a data breach, believing themselves an unlikely target for cyber criminals. Unfortunately, this casual attitude… Read More »

Why Do Employees Make Bad Decisions at Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is a stressful time for employees and human resources. With the wealth of information available, it can be frustrating to see employees make poor decisions regarding their health care. Every employee has unique needs and there is often a plan that corresponds to their specific health situations. Unfortunately, 80% of Americans pick a… Read More »

4 Compelling Reasons to Have Life Insurance

Purchasing insurance policies is a process that is often rife with confusion. The buyer knows they need some form of the insurance, but they aren’t sure about the bells and whistles available to them. For example, when investing in car insurance, the purchaser knows he or she wants collision and comprehensive coverage—but what about roadside… Read More »

Increasing Safety Awareness in the Construction Industry

Encouraging and enforcing safety standards on construction sites is vital to maintaining a safe and effective team. However, safety programs for the sake of safety programs doesn’t do anyone any favors. If employees don’t feel compelled to make changes for the sake of their safety, supervisors need to find ways to get them motivated. Start… Read More »

Leveraging Employee Benefits to Attract and Retain Talent

With the competition in the job market showing no signs of slowing down, employers need to step up their game to become an employer of choice. Obtaining this status means talented job candidates want to work for the company, and the existing workforce wants to stay with the company. While recruitment is important, most employers… Read More »

How to Prevent Benefits Enrollment Catastrophes

Human Resources (HR) employees have a lot to juggle. With open enrollment being one of their more important and stressful tasks, it is vital that HR understands the common pitfalls for employees trying to sign up for health insurance. Knowing what issues trip up employees can help HR professionals implement solutions and strategies to prevent… Read More »

How to Reduce the Likelihood of Hackers Cracking Employee Passwords

Cybersecurity has been making headlines due to a number of significant data breaches. Yahoo, Target, and Equifax are just some of the biggest successful hacks to gain attention. Most data breaches are the result of human or process errors. The top five causes are: Lost or stolen paperwork Posting or sending data to the wrong… Read More »

5 Ways to Save Money on Homeowners’ Insurance

When it comes to homeowners’ insurance, customers get what they pay for. This creates a huge risk potential if homeowners’ opt for less coverage to save money in the short term. By neglecting coverage needs, homeowners may find they are underinsured or lack the coverage options they need in the event of a claim. That… Read More »