How to Handle Major and Minor Construction Accidents

How to Handle Major and Minor Construction Accidents

Despite best efforts, accidents do happen on construction sites. However, when people think of construction accidents, their minds focus on the worst-case scenarios. The truth is accidents come in various forms and intensity. From minor cuts to fractured bones, proper treatment is vital to a positive outcome. Managing Minor Injuries Blisters, scratches, and splinters are… Read More »

This Is What Happens When Cyber Criminals Succeed

When forecasting the next five years, cybersecurity specialists produced some bleak statistics. Cybercrime is on the rise, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. With cybersecurity technology struggling to keep up with high-tech crimes, the industry is bracing for what is to come. The following are the top predictions for cybersecurity in… Read More »

Why You Need to Know All 6 Vehicle Autonomy Levels

The race is on to create the best driverless car, but not many people know there are varying degrees of vehicle autonomy. While most think of autonomous vehicles as futuristic and 100% hands-free, the reality is a little different. It is important to note that an autonomy level does not describe the vehicle but the… Read More »

Are Your Construction Workers Prepared for an Emergency?

Most individuals perform their morning routines without much thought. They do not have to wake up and remind themselves to brush their teeth, brew their coffee, and grab their lunch out of the refrigerator. They have ingrained these habits to the point where they become automatic. The same is true for construction workers on job… Read More »

5 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Cyber Scam Victim

Cybersecurity experts put a lot of emphasis on creating unique, strong passwords for sensitive accounts. However, keeping your business data safe goes far beyond distinctive passwords. Even when staff members deploy seemingly unbreakable passwords, they still fall victim to cyber crimes. That is why, in addition to using impenetrable passwords, employees need to take measures… Read More »

3 Critical Components of a Robust Multigenerational Benefits Package

Many businesses are reworking their benefits offerings to appeal to millennials and Generation Z. The idea holds merit considering the vast majority of individuals entering the workforce come from these two generations. However, ignoring the existing workforce’s needs can spell disaster for businesses. What appeals to a millennial may seem trivial to a baby boomer… Read More »

Did You Know These Factors Make You a High Risk Driver?

Every car owner would love inexpensive car insurance rates with comprehensive coverage, but a number of factors determine the final cost. Most individuals are familiar with common elements in the car insurance rate calculation—accident history, driver age, and tickets can all affect the final quote. However, several other sneaky factors affect insurance premiums as well.… Read More »

Critical Steps in Preventing Construction Fires

Construction sites present many hazards, but, with an ounce of care and prevention, workers can avoid most major accidents. Fires are one such example. Electrical and welding work, as well as loose debris, represent fire hazards on construction sites, and being prepared to manage them is an absolute must. Understanding the different types of fires… Read More »

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Earthquake Insurance

Homeowners have a lot to consider when investing in insurance. Many believe their homeowner’s policy is sufficient to cover them in the event of natural disasters, but this is not always the case. For example, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage caused by earthquakes. Below are several facts homeowners need to know about… Read More »

5 Easy Strategies to Prevent Construction Accidents

More often than not, accidents are preventable. By following simple safety protocols, construction workers and supervisors can avoid most accidents before they occur. The following are several tips constructions workers can use to improve job site safety. Practice good personal safety. Constructions workers should implement accident prevention into their everyday routine. For example, they should… Read More »