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What every business needs to know about cybersecurity insurance

By February 19, 2019May 3rd, 2019No Comments

In the aftermath of the Equifax data breach, many businesses are scrambling to find out more about their cybersecurity insurance. Do they have enough coverage? What happens in the event of a breach? Investing in appropriate coverage is smart, but it can only mitigate some of the financial risk associated with cyber-attacks. For example, there is not much cybersecurity insurance can do about the hit to a company’s reputation after a breach or the associated loss of business. Below are several other facts about cybersecurity that businesses need to know.

Businesses Cannot Insure Against All Risks

Investing in cybersecurity insurance is one-way companies can manage their risk. However, there are so many cyber threats that to insure against them all would be cost prohibitive. Instead, businesses should focus on the threats most likely to affect them. They should also take a top-down approach: identify what digital assets are most important and afford them the most protection. From there, businesses can measure the remaining threats and insure accordingly.

Cyber Insurance Has Its Limitations

Like many other types of insurance policies, cyber insurance has exclusions and limitations. As mentioned above, it is not suitable for dealing with damage dealt to a business’ reputation. It is also inadequate for covering the loss of intellectual property. Business owners need to familiarize themselves with their policy’s weaknesses and invest in supplemental insurance if necessary.

The Wording of Cyber Insurance Policies Matters

Some cybersecurity insurance policies include coverage that overlaps with other standard business insurance policies. Businesses need to dig into their policies to make sure they have the coverage they need for the cyber threats most likely to happen to them. Cyber insurance policies should do more than provide financial recompense. After a cyber-attack, businesses will need a legal and PR response at the least.

However, sifting through dense insurance policies can be confusing and no business wants to leave itself exposed to cyber threats. The Reilly Company can help business owners identify their specific threats as well as which cyber insurance policy would benefit them most. To learn more about protecting your business from cyber threats, contact us today.